Skull | KarmaKloth

November 24, 2007


Yeh… Is weekend again!! With my little free time, I was plying around with the skull I’ve done last week. Everything was done by me except the Logo for KarmaKloth! It was a free vector icon by the Illustrator Master- Mr. Joshua from Hydro74! Thanks Sir

 I’ll try work hard to develope my skill! Bravo to all Vector lover


6 Responses to “Skull | KarmaKloth”

  1. manifester said

    The oriental type and the skratches looks nice!,
    That skull must be on a shirt!


  2. downpour said

    pretty cool dude!! amazing work!


  3. superzero21 said

    Thanks Manifester!! I’ll let u know if I’m able to print it on shirt..
    Thanks downpour for the compliment!!

    Really appreciate the response. Cheers

  4. Chadlonius said

    Definitely print material.

  5. zion said

    great masks!
    good job!

  6. zion said

    great masks, good job!

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