~Will The Malaysia Police Do Their Work?~

September 3, 2008

It should be a Happy and Lucky Month of August for most Chinese (8=Prosperity). But that doesn’t really works for me and my dear…
In the afternoon Sunday of August week one, when I was back from my hometown for visit my mom. I found my other wife (my scooter) got raped!! That’s not all, when I send my bike to the workshop day after. I was given a bill of RM370.00 (WTF… it’s only my front cover and a pair of signal light, scooter parts are more expensive and they have only original parts for your bike model suzuki VR125… said the mechanic).

And when I though everything will go well after that, my worst nightmare strike!! My GF got knock down by a motorbike riden by a STUPID Indian on her way to work while crossing road last Monday morning. But praise the Lord she safe. This is what actually happens~

My GF left home about 8am like usual. When she’s trying to cross a road to take bus to her office bout 8.15am, she got knock by a motorbike riden by an Idian guy and his GF crusing between cars cause it’s terribilly jam at the peek hour (what, they dont even have a scrathes) . Instanly my GF stand up to pick her shoes, bag and walk herself to the road side with bloody and swallon forehead and arm. While the Indian guy still shouting at my GF ; Are you blind? Who’s paying to repair my bike? How you want to settle this? NON-STOP.

At the moment I reach there after receving a call from my GF, (Normally I dont switch on my phone till I reach office, but that day was different) and when I saw her cover with blood, I really feel the ache inside me (praise the Lord again she’s fine now). Immediately I ran over to her sitting at the roadside, and trying to help her up and bring her to neardy clinic.

But when I was helping her to stand, the indian guy came forward and push me on my shoulder and say, how you want to settle this or want to make a police report? Then I reply him with making a police report will be better. And that’s when he push me again harder this time and shouted at me, what report report? I want you to settle it now. He get even more aggressive and wanted to wack me in the face when his other friend arrive and his GF stop him. I’ve got no choice seing my GF in pain, so I bring him to nearby workshop with 2 of his friend following together. After 5min at the workshop, I rush back to my GF and bring her to Hospital cause the local clinic said she need to take X-ray.

We made a traffic police report later that night after she rest enough at home. Since there’s still no respond from the police until today, I was just wondering ARE THEY REALLY DOING THEIR WORK? And the purpose for me to write this post is to ask public to BEWARE of this motorbike HONDA EX-5 (reg. no. WKL 2807) crusing around KL area (mostly Setapak) and I’ve attached some photo I’ve taken of the road bullies bike.

Road Bullies Bike Front

Road Bullies Bike Front

Road Bullies Bike Back

Road Bullies Bike Back

Dear with swallon forehead & face

Dear with swallon forehead & face


4 Responses to “~Will The Malaysia Police Do Their Work?~”

  1. LX said

    Arrghh .. Poor you .. hope everything is ok .. regarding the t-shirt .. i need to check with my MOF (minister of finance) a.k.a my wife first.

    by the way we already ordered the official t-shirt from M2Today.

    But we do like your design .. let us discuss and see how.

  2. raymond said

    bro, didn’t see this post till now. hope ur wifey is doing alright now. road bullies should go to hell, plenty of works down there waiting for them

  3. did they catch the guy?
    citizen journalism rules…

  4. Z said

    the indian guy doesn’t even know how to mod the bike properly!

    Tapi mau cari gaduh sama hang. pirahhhhhhh !!

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