~Some Work In Progress~

September 5, 2008

As everyone know I was so busy the past few weeks and lot awfull thing had happens to my family. I dont really post much last month (actually only 1) but will catch back in time…

This what I’ve did last month>>



I don’t smoke and I don’t really like some smoker (Idiot who smoke in the lift and public area), anyway this surpose to be a job for a high school No Drug & No Smoking Campaign. But it end up no where, so though to print it out and give it out FREE (won’t be printing it in large quantity). So if anyone would llike to have 1 just drop me a comment or mail.

Typo Illustration of Mabini Demolay

Typo Illustration of Mabini Demolay

My friend RYAN from Phillipnes was here in Malaysia for a week, did this MABINI DEMOLAY logo he requested before he leave to Singapore. He’s kinda happy with it, and maybe would like to have it printed on Tee for his member. Actually I dont really know what it is… MABINI DEMOLAY?



Back to my Political Tee. Sorry for those who ordered, and I still havent reply (busy and too much of incident happens at once). Since the order quantity  doesn’t reach the quote, I maybe sending it for print from another printer and the price may vary. But I’ll get everyone updated ASAP, and thanks for your support.

So that’s for now, stil have work to be done, Cheers!


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