~My Foldees.com Submissions~

November 17, 2008

Here’s are my (KarmaKloth83) ‘Proud’ submission at Foldees.com!

1. The ‘SNOW’ on Christmas Day


2. Sparky Christmas Wish!


3. The Missing of Mr. SNOWMAN


And this 2 are the ideas of my beloved GF (MiCute), and finished with my YIKES illustrator skill!

1. Where’s Santa From!


2. The Penguin Christmas Wishes


If you have a heart on any of the Card Design above, please spare your vote at Foldees.com and get yourself a FREE greeting card to any part of the world.

Every votes means alot to both me and my GF, thanks to all who voted our design! And most all the mastermind behind Foldees.com


~OMG! Foldees.com~

November 17, 2008


I should have post this long time ago, but I’ve forgoten… Shame on me!

This was the second competition for Greeting Cards happening at Foldees.com! It was an awesome online greeting cards design site (Although I was ‘KICK’ out from the last contest, this is all CHAK fault)

And if you would like to have a FREE Greeting Cards, don’t mind spending just some of your spare time to vote at Fodees.com!! Act now, cause just 3 more days left… and is all my FAULT!!

!s Absolutely FREE! FREE! FREE!