Since it was weekend yesterday, again I was browsing through my facebook and found an really interesting Music Video by Malaysian Artist at my FUNWALL! (RAKYAT means Citizen)

Feel Free to downloads if u really love their great productions, and all creadits shall go to them! This is really a 5star Quality production by Malaysian Artist ~THUMBS UP~

Follow this link to MAFU site:


~Mask Paper Toy~

June 24, 2008

Custom Paper Toy

Long Live Mask Paper Toy!!!

Few weeks back, I was browsing through some design forum and found some interesting paper toy at ! So I though to try out one of my own custom paper dude. And guess what, it actually turn out to be really wicked.

So, if you plan to have one low cost toy of your own design (vinyl toys sure kills my wallet). Download the free templates by The Custom Paper Toy Shop at the site!!! Anyway thanks for the free templates…

Skull | KarmaKloth

November 24, 2007


Yeh… Is weekend again!! With my little free time, I was plying around with the skull I’ve done last week. Everything was done by me except the Logo for KarmaKloth! It was a free vector icon by the Illustrator Master- Mr. Joshua from Hydro74! Thanks Sir

 I’ll try work hard to develope my skill! Bravo to all Vector lover

Skull | KarmaKloth

November 20, 2007

Skull V2Skull V3Skull V4

Try to wrap up the skull I’ve did last weekend. Hmm… not bad I think!

This are the 3 different version I’ve done so far… Will try to make the background tomorrow, maybe it will turn out to be great onto a T-shirt!! Ya, only maybe…

Have to stop now, have other job to finish!! Work2

~Beside Work~

November 19, 2007


Although I’m busy, I’ll still try spend my little free time on doing what I’m really love doing. But for sure the little free time of my will be first priority to my GF & my family. Haa…

This is the new skull I’ve warp up last weekend!! So far it still at sketch stage.Will update the progress!! How soon?? Depends on the free time I have. Have a nice day

~Rossi Forever~

October 29, 2007



I was so tired after a long MTBike ride yesterday at Tmn. Rakyat in Klang, so was planning to go to bed early. But I still manage to done a quick layout. I’ve even scale it into desktop wallpaper size 😉 Hope u guys like it!

 Normal Screen:

 Wide Screen    :

~Bali Mask Illustration~

October 27, 2007


Done an Illustration yesterday night, idea come from no where… Just click onto the mouse!! Yeap… the almighty mouse, hope you guys like it!!

Mask | Bali V.3

October 26, 2007

Bali Mask V.3


Busy, busy and busy!!! Anyway wanna wish all my muslim friends ~Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri~ Done some add up on the Mask, but still not happy with it!! Still need some work… Anyway would like to thanks Hydro74 for his free ornaments vector!

In the meantime, I’ve done my first vector skull!! But have to work on it more too

Mask | Bali V.1

September 22, 2007

~Bali Mask V.1~

This is part of my latest work! And is still under construction… Actually I stil dont have any idea what to do with it. So if anyone have comment and idea, please feel free to drop me 1 k.

And to be honest, this Bali Mask stuff was really inspired by Joshua from Hydro74. He seems to have fresh ideas all the time (Wonder where the ideas came from??)

Kinda enjoy doing it. Thanks Bro!!