~My Foldees.com Submissions~

November 17, 2008

Here’s are my (KarmaKloth83) ‘Proud’ submission at Foldees.com!

1. The ‘SNOW’ on Christmas Day


2. Sparky Christmas Wish!


3. The Missing of Mr. SNOWMAN


And this 2 are the ideas of my beloved GF (MiCute), and finished with my YIKES illustrator skill!

1. Where’s Santa From!


2. The Penguin Christmas Wishes


If you have a heart on any of the Card Design above, please spare your vote at Foldees.com and get yourself a FREE greeting card to any part of the world.

Every votes means alot to both me and my GF, thanks to all who voted our design! And most all the mastermind behind Foldees.com


~Work Got Featured~

September 17, 2008

For the first time my Valentino Rossi Wallpaper got featured on 2 design resources site! I was so stress with what happens last month, but this really turns me on… Thanks Alexis (If thats your name, cause I don’t understand the language) from ElISEOS & Simon Ward from PINGABLE for the showcase.

Try visit their site for cool WP themes and lots of creative resources.



Raja Petra

Raja Petra

Parti Pakatan Rakyat

I was kinda free last Sunday morning, cause my GF have to attend her company training (and I’m late for my Sunday Church Service too, shame on me). So once I’m out of the bed and get everything done, I just sat in front of my computer like usual.

While I’m browsing through the net, I found something interesting with the title Ahmad Shabery vs Anwar Ibrahim Debate on Oil & Economic Policies (Anwar debates rules).

Then with all the link here and there, I reach a blog of the popular blogger and political commentator Raja Petra Kamarudin, 58, was imprisoned charged with sedition for having written a blog post (this the first time I know about this popular guy, again shame on me) He’s the editor of MalaysiaToday.com. After viewing some recent unfilterized youtube debates, interviews and their blog post, I fully agree with what they has to say and offer to this country.

**So this is my offering to those dedicated Raja Petra & Pakatan Rakyat fans. Drop me a mail/comments if you wish to show your support by owning this T-Shirt taurus_matt@hotmail.com. Cause planning to print in Bulk so can get cheaper price mah!


July 30, 2008

In my previous post, I’ve mention that I’ll be submitting my entries to foldees.com ( agreat site for cool custom greeting card’s MADE IN MALAYSIA). I was soo… busy, till I’ve only manage to submit it on the last day. Everything was so great, untill I got notice my design was out of TOPIC (Grr… there’s go my WACOM)

Anyway that’s my fault for not reading the contest properly and submitted it too last minute, so my advice for other future participant (submit it once your work is finalised and people at Foldees.com will try the best to help if there’s any ammendment to be made).

In the meantime I would like to congrats those who won and try again next time for those who didn’t make it (I mean me too). Here I would also like to congrats and thanks them at foldees for their great works! (Although there was a 24hours delay forgive them this their first time mah, khek…) Cheers Bro

So, I wont be posting my submission layout untill the next contest in September can’t wait

~Work Update~

July 21, 2008

Again busy!!! Still haven’t have the time to approach DHM for the proposal of T-Shirt to be done. But this is what I’ve done so far…

Outline View

Outline View

Outline view of 4 version (work in Progress)











In the meantime, I also wrapping up some design for FOLDEES.com Contest… GTG, Cheers!


July 19, 2008

Don’t really have much to post last week, and everyday seems very busy at work in the office! I’m still try wrapping up some T-shirt design for DHM (Downhill Malaysia).



Touch Up
Touch Up
Almost Done
Almost Done

In the meantime, I’m still wrapping up the design for my foldess.com contest (WACOM TABLET here I come) Will try post the outcome of the card this weekend, Have a nice weekend everyone!

Greeting Card Design Contest

Greeting Card Design Contest

“We Are All Geeks” Greeting Card Design Contest


Gearing up for our Merdeka Day launch on August 31st 2008, Foldees.com needs your help. Foldees.com is a site created to market all the great greeting card ideas from anyone around the world. Designs will be moderated for content and professionalism, but once it goes on our site, we’ll pay you a royalty every time someone buys it!

So from now until 17th July 2008, we need you to send in your geekiest greeting card ideas for our first contest, entitled “We Are All Geeks” (full brief below). The best part? You decide the winners! Foldees.com is based on a user-created, user-chosen model. After the submission deadline ends, we’ll put your cards on the site for any registered user to vote for, and the highest rated card wins – easy peasy Japaneasy! At the end of the day, you design the cards, and you (and a few more people) decide which ones rock! Meanwhile, get the tongues wagging on our Meet&Greet forums at forum.foldees.com!

Winning designs will be featured in all our promotional materials, and the highest-rated design will be distributed with every Don’t Panic pack in the month of September 2008. To make it worth your while, the winning design will also earn RM2,000 in cash PLUS an Intuous3 digital drawing pad!


The Brief

Geeks have now taken over the world. We spend more time typing than speaking, getting fit on a Wii, and buying iPods in matching colours. We want cards that speak to this new generation of geeks, in ways that current greeting cards are not. We are currently looking for Birthday, Flirty, Office, Sorry and Thank You card ideas, but if you’ve got a card that’s way out there for anything else, feel free to submit it as well, as long as it’s within our geeky theme.

1st Prize  –  RM2000 cash + WACOM Intuos3 A4 Size (worth RM1699)
2nd Prize  –  RM1000 cash + WACOM Intuos3 A6 Wide (worth RM1039)
3rd Prize  –  RM500 cash + WACOM Bamboo Fun Tablet A5 Size (worth RM699)
Consolation prizes x2  –  WACOM Bamboo Fun Tablet A6 Size (worth RM399)

So don’t wait, participate!

For more information, Click onto:Foldees.Com



~Mask Paper Toy~

June 24, 2008

Custom Paper Toy

Long Live Mask Paper Toy!!!

Few weeks back, I was browsing through some design forum and found some interesting paper toy at http://www.custompapertoys.com ! So I though to try out one of my own custom paper dude. And guess what, it actually turn out to be really wicked.

So, if you plan to have one low cost toy of your own design (vinyl toys sure kills my wallet). Download the free templates by The Custom Paper Toy Shop at the site!!! Anyway thanks for the free templates…

Skull | KarmaKloth

November 24, 2007


Yeh… Is weekend again!! With my little free time, I was plying around with the skull I’ve done last week. Everything was done by me except the Logo for KarmaKloth! It was a free vector icon by the Illustrator Master- Mr. Joshua from Hydro74! Thanks Sir

 I’ll try work hard to develope my skill! Bravo to all Vector lover