September 29, 2008


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Here I would like to take opportunity to apologize to those who have made order earlier. I’ll try my best to track back your mail and get back to you A.S.A.P! And most of all, THANKS for your support.


You would have read news reports that more police reports were made against RPK today.

And going by what we’ve seen of late, more charges may follow.

RPK says he doesn’t give two hoots anymore.

Which is why we must.

And what RPK needs now more than ever is a judiciary that’s going to hear and decide the present and any more charges leveled against him in accordance with law, free of any outside influence.

You’ve all probably signed the petition to His Majesty the Agong with regard to the appointment and promotion of judges pending the setting up of the Judicial Appointments Commission, if it ever does under the present administration.

If you havent, follow this link will direct you to the petition. Please give us your support.

Link: http://www.petitiononline.com/6ai18u26/petition.html

*C&P from: http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com/2008/09/05/do-this-for-rpk-please/

It should be a Happy and Lucky Month of August for most Chinese (8=Prosperity). But that doesn’t really works for me and my dear…
In the afternoon Sunday of August week one, when I was back from my hometown for visit my mom. I found my other wife (my scooter) got raped!! That’s not all, when I send my bike to the workshop day after. I was given a bill of RM370.00 (WTF… it’s only my front cover and a pair of signal light, scooter parts are more expensive and they have only original parts for your bike model suzuki VR125… said the mechanic).

And when I though everything will go well after that, my worst nightmare strike!! My GF got knock down by a motorbike riden by a STUPID Indian on her way to work while crossing road last Monday morning. But praise the Lord she safe. This is what actually happens~

My GF left home about 8am like usual. When she’s trying to cross a road to take bus to her office bout 8.15am, she got knock by a motorbike riden by an Idian guy and his GF crusing between cars cause it’s terribilly jam at the peek hour (what, they dont even have a scrathes) . Instanly my GF stand up to pick her shoes, bag and walk herself to the road side with bloody and swallon forehead and arm. While the Indian guy still shouting at my GF ; Are you blind? Who’s paying to repair my bike? How you want to settle this? NON-STOP.

At the moment I reach there after receving a call from my GF, (Normally I dont switch on my phone till I reach office, but that day was different) and when I saw her cover with blood, I really feel the ache inside me (praise the Lord again she’s fine now). Immediately I ran over to her sitting at the roadside, and trying to help her up and bring her to neardy clinic.

But when I was helping her to stand, the indian guy came forward and push me on my shoulder and say, how you want to settle this or want to make a police report? Then I reply him with making a police report will be better. And that’s when he push me again harder this time and shouted at me, what report report? I want you to settle it now. He get even more aggressive and wanted to wack me in the face when his other friend arrive and his GF stop him. I’ve got no choice seing my GF in pain, so I bring him to nearby workshop with 2 of his friend following together. After 5min at the workshop, I rush back to my GF and bring her to Hospital cause the local clinic said she need to take X-ray.

We made a traffic police report later that night after she rest enough at home. Since there’s still no respond from the police until today, I was just wondering ARE THEY REALLY DOING THEIR WORK? And the purpose for me to write this post is to ask public to BEWARE of this motorbike HONDA EX-5 (reg. no. WKL 2807) crusing around KL area (mostly Setapak) and I’ve attached some photo I’ve taken of the road bullies bike.

Road Bullies Bike Front

Road Bullies Bike Front

Road Bullies Bike Back

Road Bullies Bike Back

Dear with swallon forehead & face

Dear with swallon forehead & face

Raja Petra

Raja Petra

Parti Pakatan Rakyat

I was kinda free last Sunday morning, cause my GF have to attend her company training (and I’m late for my Sunday Church Service too, shame on me). So once I’m out of the bed and get everything done, I just sat in front of my computer like usual.

While I’m browsing through the net, I found something interesting with the title Ahmad Shabery vs Anwar Ibrahim Debate on Oil & Economic Policies (Anwar debates rules).

Then with all the link here and there, I reach a blog of the popular blogger and political commentator Raja Petra Kamarudin, 58, was imprisoned charged with sedition for having written a blog post (this the first time I know about this popular guy, again shame on me) He’s the editor of MalaysiaToday.com. After viewing some recent unfilterized youtube debates, interviews and their blog post, I fully agree with what they has to say and offer to this country.

**So this is my offering to those dedicated Raja Petra & Pakatan Rakyat fans. Drop me a mail/comments if you wish to show your support by owning this T-Shirt taurus_matt@hotmail.com. Cause planning to print in Bulk so can get cheaper price mah!


July 30, 2008

In my previous post, I’ve mention that I’ll be submitting my entries to foldees.com ( agreat site for cool custom greeting card’s MADE IN MALAYSIA). I was soo… busy, till I’ve only manage to submit it on the last day. Everything was so great, untill I got notice my design was out of TOPIC (Grr… there’s go my WACOM)

Anyway that’s my fault for not reading the contest properly and submitted it too last minute, so my advice for other future participant (submit it once your work is finalised and people at Foldees.com will try the best to help if there’s any ammendment to be made).

In the meantime I would like to congrats those who won and try again next time for those who didn’t make it (I mean me too). Here I would also like to congrats and thanks them at foldees for their great works! (Although there was a 24hours delay forgive them this their first time mah, khek…) Cheers Bro

So, I wont be posting my submission layout untill the next contest in September can’t wait


July 19, 2008

Don’t really have much to post last week, and everyday seems very busy at work in the office! I’m still try wrapping up some T-shirt design for DHM (Downhill Malaysia).



Touch Up
Touch Up
Almost Done
Almost Done

In the meantime, I’m still wrapping up the design for my foldess.com contest (WACOM TABLET here I come) Will try post the outcome of the card this weekend, Have a nice weekend everyone!

Since it was weekend yesterday, again I was browsing through my facebook and found an really interesting Music Video by Malaysian Artist at my FUNWALL! (RAKYAT means Citizen)

Feel Free to downloads if u really love their great productions, and all creadits shall go to them! This is really a 5star Quality production by Malaysian Artist ~THUMBS UP~

Follow this link to MAFU site: http://www.malaysianartistesforunity.info/

~New Realease by Namewee~

November 1, 2007

From the original creator of – Negarakuku

This is his latest realease song!! BRAVO

TM Raya Commercial 2007

November 1, 2007

Recently I’ve just work out some stuff with an Production House for a Malaysia Telco Company (TM Group), for Raya TV commercial. Actually is nothing, but I’ve really enjoy the time during the production. Is kinda nice where I have to make everthing  to look old fashion such as- books, vinly records and etc.