September 29, 2008


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Each T-Shirt purchased come with a RPK sticker

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Here I would like to take opportunity to apologize to those who have made order earlier. I’ll try my best to track back your mail and get back to you A.S.A.P! And most of all, THANKS for your support.


~Sticker as Promised~

September 17, 2008

Finally got the sticker printed out for my DRUGS KILL SMOKING KILLS TOO design. Honestly, the print really turn out Greater than I though. So as promised I will give out for FREE, but only bout 15pcs left because some have been taken by my friends. SORRY Bro (what to do, friend mah)… Please feel free to drop me a mail or comment and I’ll mail it to you. Here’s some snap of the sticker.

And for the Raja Petra (RPK) sticker is also FREE for every Political Tee purchased in my previous post! Grab it before is too late, cause is only limited to 20pcs only for now for the RPK t-shirt.


You would have read news reports that more police reports were made against RPK today.

And going by what we’ve seen of late, more charges may follow.

RPK says he doesn’t give two hoots anymore.

Which is why we must.

And what RPK needs now more than ever is a judiciary that’s going to hear and decide the present and any more charges leveled against him in accordance with law, free of any outside influence.

You’ve all probably signed the petition to His Majesty the Agong with regard to the appointment and promotion of judges pending the setting up of the Judicial Appointments Commission, if it ever does under the present administration.

If you havent, follow this link will direct you to the petition. Please give us your support.

Link: http://www.petitiononline.com/6ai18u26/petition.html

*C&P from: http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com/2008/09/05/do-this-for-rpk-please/

~Some Work In Progress~

September 5, 2008

As everyone know I was so busy the past few weeks and lot awfull thing had happens to my family. I dont really post much last month (actually only 1) but will catch back in time…

This what I’ve did last month>>



I don’t smoke and I don’t really like some smoker (Idiot who smoke in the lift and public area), anyway this surpose to be a job for a high school No Drug & No Smoking Campaign. But it end up no where, so though to print it out and give it out FREE (won’t be printing it in large quantity). So if anyone would llike to have 1 just drop me a comment or mail.

Typo Illustration of Mabini Demolay

Typo Illustration of Mabini Demolay

My friend RYAN from Phillipnes was here in Malaysia for a week, did this MABINI DEMOLAY logo he requested before he leave to Singapore. He’s kinda happy with it, and maybe would like to have it printed on Tee for his member. Actually I dont really know what it is… MABINI DEMOLAY?



Back to my Political Tee. Sorry for those who ordered, and I still havent reply (busy and too much of incident happens at once). Since the order quantity  doesn’t reach the quote, I maybe sending it for print from another printer and the price may vary. But I’ll get everyone updated ASAP, and thanks for your support.

So that’s for now, stil have work to be done, Cheers!

Raja Petra

Raja Petra

Parti Pakatan Rakyat

I was kinda free last Sunday morning, cause my GF have to attend her company training (and I’m late for my Sunday Church Service too, shame on me). So once I’m out of the bed and get everything done, I just sat in front of my computer like usual.

While I’m browsing through the net, I found something interesting with the title Ahmad Shabery vs Anwar Ibrahim Debate on Oil & Economic Policies (Anwar debates rules).

Then with all the link here and there, I reach a blog of the popular blogger and political commentator Raja Petra Kamarudin, 58, was imprisoned charged with sedition for having written a blog post (this the first time I know about this popular guy, again shame on me) He’s the editor of MalaysiaToday.com. After viewing some recent unfilterized youtube debates, interviews and their blog post, I fully agree with what they has to say and offer to this country.

**So this is my offering to those dedicated Raja Petra & Pakatan Rakyat fans. Drop me a mail/comments if you wish to show your support by owning this T-Shirt taurus_matt@hotmail.com. Cause planning to print in Bulk so can get cheaper price mah!