June 26, 2008

Have not much to say today. But would really thanks everyone that visit my blog and their comments too, it really means a lot to me! And really would like to Thanks Nina Adams for your “WARM” welcome back, hee…

In the meantime, here’s are a SnowBoarding Wallpaper I did last 2 month. I dont really use Photoshop very often (So you can assume my PS skill sucks), anyway this wallpaper attempt makes me wanna explore PS more often (still I’m hunger for Vector).

Feel FREE to download it as an appreciation for suppoting my blog all this while, Nice Day


Download Wide Screen – 1280 x 768

SnowWall - Normal Screen

Download Normal Screen -1280 x 960


~Mask Paper Toy~

June 24, 2008

Custom Paper Toy

Long Live Mask Paper Toy!!!

Few weeks back, I was browsing through some design forum and found some interesting paper toy at http://www.custompapertoys.com ! So I though to try out one of my own custom paper dude. And guess what, it actually turn out to be really wicked.

So, if you plan to have one low cost toy of your own design (vinyl toys sure kills my wallet). Download the free templates by The Custom Paper Toy Shop at the site!!! Anyway thanks for the free templates…


June 23, 2008

NormalScreen Normal Screen: 1280 x 960

Wide Screen Wide Screen: 1280 x 768

Was kinda busy last weekend trying to help my brother to setup a blog for his University Christian fellowship. I’m kinda enjoy doing it! But the worst thing is I spend most of my weekend doing it, I didn’t even done a single thing ask by my BOSS (My Girl Friend). Really sory for that my dear!!

Anyway I was kinda happy with the outcome. And during working on the blog banner, I’m so happy with the design. I even made it into a wallpaper.

So everyone can share it & download it! And maybe paying a visit to the site: http://seedssower.blogspot.com/

Would like to apologize to everyone, for not posting for the past six months!! (Lazy)

No!!!! Actually I’ve been having problem after trying to customs my CSS WPtheme (But only for the first 3monts, the other was being busy and lazy). So my advice never ever try to be smart when u’r not! But at last, I’m back!

I’ll try to post the work I’ve done for the past few months start tommorow, cause it is kinda late now! (excuse for being lazy again)

~I’ll be here~

June 17, 2008